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“If ever there were a Web series showcasing what it takes to fight the odds and reach your goals, this is it." – Gizmodo


White Collar Brawler is a documentary web series that follows two lifelong friends who decide to leave the office life behind and train to become amateur boxers — and fight each other in the ring. It’s “JustinTV” meets “Fight Club” — a story about a couple of suits looking for a life of substance. Episodes are released in real-time on Tuesdays and Fridays as the brawlers gear up for the fight of their lives.

  • WCB is current. We shoot, edit, and release within a few days, so all of the episodes are fresh out the oven. After all, instant gratification is the currency of the internet. New episodes are released every Tuesday and Friday. Watch episode #1 now.
  • WCB is local. We're not trying to hate on Chicago or Tampa, but no one does it quite like the San Francisco Bay Area. That's why nearly every element of the show — from the shooting locations to the bands in the soundtrack to our sponsors — have their roots in or around SF. Live in the Bay Area? Train with the brawlers in person.
  • WCB is for real. Everything Kai and Nate are going through to prepare for their fight - the training, the drastic weight loss, the blood/sweat/tears — is as real as a stomach punch. Meet the brawlers and hear their story.
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Created, Written, and Produced: Kai Hasson and Nate Houghteling

Business and Marketing: Zach Blume

Director: Jason Cohn

Segment Director: Kai Hasson

Boxing Trainer: Angelo Merino

Strength and Conditioning Trainer: Leandra Rouse

Events and Special Projects: Matt Beagle, Stephen Flynn

Contributing Photographer: Nate Fong

Graphic Designer: Lawrence Guzman

Thank you to our Kickstarter supporters:

Oriana Syed, Noam Ben Oni, Matt Patterson, Jake Samuelson, Swiyyah White, Richard Berger, James Dyett, Will Bressman, Zach Puchtel, Elizabeth Rose, Alexander Berman, Ivan Lam, Seamus McKiernan, Rachel Naor, Jeff St.Claire, Sam Kendrick, Alan Niles, Carly Twedt, Robert Spiro, Nick Lagusis, Annie Allison, Will Penrose, Warren Fernandes, Elizabeth Fishel, Alexa Rose, Michael Iafe, Olivia Rosaldo, Max West, Ayalon, Tina Park, Jason Lawford, Alex Arapoglou, Hillary Lee, Nora Lee, WIll Houghteling, Katie Walovich, Nora Kaywin, Ralph Kaywin, Zach Marshall, Stephen Gikow, Kate P. Minott, Jesse Pizarro, Benjamin Simler, Audrey, Lauren Baranco, Pearl Houghteling, Charlotte Houghteling, Dusky Pierce, Keith Collins, Chizu Hamada, Greg Marliave, Anne Fishel

Thank you to the following White Collar Brawler sponsors. If you are interested in partnering with us, please visit our sponsorship page.

Fairtex Thriv GU Energy
No Mas Tres Agaves Tequila Bonobo
The Kennel Boxing Gym K-1 Fitness Vibram