Nate & Kai

Age: 26

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Education: B.A., Harvard University

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 170

Reach: 71"

Skills: Powerpoint, Español

Strengths: Communication, generalship

Weaknesses: Short arms, large head

Age: 26

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Education: B.A., Yale University

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 163

Reach: 75"

Skills: Basic knowledge of C++, CRM systems

Strengths: Self-starter, straight right

Weaknesses: Left arm, organization

Nate Houghteling

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After graduating from Harvard University, Nate decided against founding Facebook, but instead took a series of office jobs that left him frustrated and awkwardly overweight. Eager to strike out on his own, he hired his lifelong friend Kai Hasson to help him launch an internet marketing company called Portal A Interactive. Portal A ended up going under, mostly owing to Kai's ineptitude, but luckily Nate had one more brilliant idea: to create a web series about amateur boxing. He'll fight Kai in early December.

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Kai Hasson

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Kai went from the Bay Area to Yale Univeristy to unemployment. After a stint at Current Television in San Francisco, Kai decided to launch his own online entertainment company called Portal A Interactive. His first hire was Nate Houghteling, his lifelong friend since elementary school. Nate's mismanagement eventually doomed the company, but Kai thought quickly and came up with a plan B: to launch a web series where he could pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a fighter. He'll fight Nate in early December.

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